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Charred Accoya by Inflamed

Accoya is a unique type of wood due to its remarkable durability and increased performance in comparison to any other type of wood. Accoya wood can offer a combination of stability, durability and versatility.
Furthermore, once remarkable wood meets remarkable wood treatment technique, results are beyond this world. Shou Sugi Ban improves Accoya wood's overall protection and makes it more attractive.

Charred Accoya

Accoya_Quality mark_GREY_RGB.png
ACCOYA Profiles


Shadow Gap

Profile's measurements

Accoya Cladding

Key features of Accoya wood


Above ground application

50 years warranty for Accoya wood

Below ground application

25 years warranty for Accoya wood


Carbon neutral Inflamed charred Accoya
Accoya accreditation
Charred Accoya insect resistant
Charred Accoya stability
Hardwearing Charred Accoya
Highly recyclable
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