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Sand Grey Finish Shou Sugi Ban wood cladding, where tranquility meets sophistication. Crafted with precision and care, each plank undergoes a transformative journey, beginning with the ancient technique of charring, followed by gentle brushing to accentuate the wood's natural grain, and finally treated with a premium wood oil to achieve a serene sand grey hue.

The subtle yet distinct texture of our Sand Grey Finish cladding embodies understated elegance, evoking the serene beauty of windswept sands and coastal retreats. The charring process infuses each plank with depth and character, while the brushing technique enhances the wood's organic appeal, creating a harmonious balance between nature and modern design.

Treated with a high-quality wood oil, our Sand Grey Finish cladding not only enhances the delicate grey tone but also provides essential protection against the elements. This ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

Whether adorning the exterior facade of a seaside villa or adding a touch of tranquility to interior spaces, our Sand Grey Finish Shou Sugi Ban wood cladding promises to imbue any environment with a sense of calm sophistication. Experience the timeless allure of charred wood reimagined in soothing grey tones, and let your design visions come to life with our exquisite Sand Grey Finish cladding.

Shou Sugi Ban treated Boards / Spruce / Finished in Sand Grey

100 Square meters
Excluding VAT
Shou Sugi Ban treated cladding planks, Finished in Sand Grey
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